Rope | Wine Rack

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Rope Wine Rack

It is a great conversation starter.
It would look great sitting in any kitchen or dining room.
Once a bottle is fitted into the holder it will balance and the bottle will sit horizontally.
The perfect thin metal design adds the effect.
How Does It Work ?

Simple - Being constructed to a precise pattern means that the wine bottle will balance perfectly and give the illusion of the bottle floating.
It will work best on full bottles.
It will fit all standard wine bottles. It will not fit bottles with a large cork or anything that will prevent the bottle from fitting through the opening of the holder.

Important Information:

 Metal, farbic

Package Size:

400 x 150 x 130 mm
Note : 
Wine not is included. Different weights of a wine bottle may allow the holder to sit at a slightly different angle than that pictured.
The color of the product received may vary in shade slightly as this depends on the resolution of your computer screen.
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